Online payment

When you book your travel arrangements through Nyhavn Rejser A/S, we will send you an invoice, payable online or through bank transfer.

To pay online, please fill in your invoice number and amount below, and agree to Nyhavn Rejser’s payment terms by ticking the box below. We recommend that you read the terms before accepting them. By clicking OK, you will automatically be forwarded to the payment service, ePay, which is approved and certified by Teller (Nordic leader in delivering secure electronic payment solutions). All data will be encrypted to protect your information.

Some credit cards will be charges a fee for all payments processed on the internet. This fee will be specified clearly and separately before your final confirmation of payment. The fee is not for Nyhavn Rejser, and you may click through the different credit card options to see the appropriate fees before you confirm your payment. Once your payment is confirmed you will have the option to print your receipt.

We accept the following credit cards:

American Express
American Express
Diners ClubDiners Club

Payment by credit card is subject to the following fee:

Dankort og Visa/Dankort:
No fee

Diners Club:
Danish issued company credit cards: 1,25%
Foreign credit card issued outside EØS: 2,10%

American Express
Danish issued company credit cards: 1,25%
Foreign credit card issued outside EØS: 3,75%, min. 1,95 kr. per transaktion

Mastercard, Visa and Debitcard:
Danish issued company credit cards: 0,80%
Foreign credit card issued outside EØS: 1,00%

The fees are identical regardless of whether the payment is made online or in the Nyhavn Travel agency. Please note: VISA electronica and debit cards are subject to a fee on online payment but no fee in payment at the Nyhavn Travel Bureau.

Invoice number For example, SF.12345 (on invoice)
Amount due Amount due in Euro (without commas or punctuation)
I hereby accept Nyhavn Rejser’s payment terms